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Does this heater have wheels?

Which item are you looking at?

Dr Infrared Heater DR968 Quartz + PTC Infrared Heater

Does the outside of the Portable Garage Heater get hot?

Some people talk about in the Amazon questions.

Per the vendor, it comes with wheels.

No, the outside casing does NOT get hot at all.

I purchased one last year and it works great, no complaints at all. Note: the fan is a bit on the loud side since it moves quite a bit of air.

FYI: be mindful of both the voltage requirements and plug: plug/ NEMA#6-30P, receptacle/ NEMA #60-30R) @ 240V/208V.

Hence, it will NOT plug into a typical 120v standard outlet. You need an outlet similar to what your clothes dryer uses.

Dang, I’ve been waiting for a clever inventor to put a radio inside a heater. Now if someone would also incorporate a LED flash light, I’ll no longer be able to resist hitting the purchase button.

I could imagine this to be a perfect horror movie prop. Some couple stumbles across a cabin in the woods, they walk in, it is warm and they hear Blue Velvet playing on the AM and then they are blinded by the LED flashlight piercing the darkness and then bam - they don’t know what hit them.

Woot if you steal this idea, you must give me credit.

I know I’m silly, but I keep my audio equipment away from heat.