Heaters & LeakFrogs

Question about the wall heater, Has anyone purchased one and used it in a baby/toddler room? My little one needs to stay warm, and we want to be able to lower our temperature at night time. I’m just worried about it overheating, leaving it on all night without worry or monitoring. Thanks!

It says that it has a thermostat on it so you should be fine. Although, I don’t recommend this for a single insulated room. This looks like its more for outdoor operations. Also, it needs 240 V.

The wall heater operates on 120V, not 240v. Power rating per the woot spec page:

Power Rating: 3.3 Amps, 120V, 50Hz

My cat likes to squeeze into tight spaces and hide…

Would I be making a horrible decision if I purchased the heater/nightstand combination?

Depends. How much do you like your cat?

All the pics are of it indoors (living room, bedroom, etc.)…none outdoors.

I’m guessing he clicked in from the Garage Heater and didn’t realize we’re in another communal comment thread.

People use the wall panel heaters where I work (office building) and they love them. They mount them on the ceiling most times. I don’t remember anyone ever having any trouble with them.

Does anyone have experience heating their music? I’d like to know how well the music heater works.

I’m excited that there is a digital air cleaner! So far I’ve only been able to get the analog air in my house purified.

Better to play all those hits that are hot on the playlists right now.