Heatmax Hot Hands Mini Hand Warmer

Heatmax Hot Hands Mini Hand Warmer

Good for flippers?

So many uses for these in Florida…

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Like… gifting to friends up north for Christmas

This may very well end up being the last thing I ever buy in a Woot! Off event. I caught several other items that I had no interest in so had time to look them up to find they were more expensive during the Woot! Off than they were on Amazon. My 1st issue is that this is legitimately just 1 package with a pair of hand warmers. Now I realize it clearly says that’s what it is but during a Woot! special pricing event you don’t always (or ever) have time to read the item page, and I have never seen an individual package for sale. At a glance I assumed it would be a package of 6, or, 8, or 12 pairs so that is on me but another reason not to buy something during a Woot! Off if i don’t have time to read the product info page. BUT & this is a big BUT, like I said I saw several things that were overpriced during this event, BUT none by the 227% higher that this is over the Amazon price.


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