Heavy Duty 3000-Pound Rated Dip Station

I have had this Black Mountain Products Dip Station for a year and change. I bought it from Amazon at full price and was very happy with it. One issue I did have after long term usage is with the foam grips. They did tear after prolonged usage. From looking at the picture the BMP dip station has the same foam I have. The good thing is that BMP stands behind their product. They sent me entirely new replacement grips at no charge. The new grips are thicker and made of a different material. More durable than the previous ones I had.

So just a heads up. This is a wonderful product that can have some issues. Again BMP customer service is top notch and will take care of you.


Thanks for the comment. I’d probably remove the foam anyways and this is a killer price on something I’ve been wanting a while.

A little too close to Christmas to be buying myself stuff, but oh well…