Heavy Duty Bike Lift Hoist

Heavy Duty Bike Lift Hoist

This is $11.99. The mothership has it for $12.28 with a 0.25 coupon, making it $12.03. For the 0.04 difference, I’d rather have Amazon’s return policy…


Exact same hoist at Harbor Freight for 8.99, different name.
even cheaper with 20% off coupon that is always available.

Actually, it’s not the same. The one from Harbor Freight has a maximum capacity of 44lb, whereas this one has a maximum capacity of 100lb. That’s a pretty substantial difference for a few dollars.

They seem to be the same except the Rad has a slightly thicker rope, which explains the weight rating difference for almost $5.00 more.

Yup, thought the same thing.

Well, first off, $5 is almost twice as much as $3, which is the amount less that the Harbor Freight model is. And, to buy a rope of the length and weight rating of the rope that comes with the Rad model would likely cost you at least $5. Finally, you’re making a fairly substantial leap to assume that the only difference in the weight rating is coming from the rope. I’m not sure I’d want to trust the hardware to support a heavier load just because I got a thicker rope.

Incidentally, I got the Rad, and I’m using it to hoist my personal pontoon boat. It’s working great!