Heavy Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

Heavy Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

In the second picture, how does that actually work? The doors slide, but there are hooks mounted on the wall to the right and a table and wall hanging against the wall to the left!!

They tricked ya! They just hung the doors on a wall to make it look like there’s a threshold there, when in reality it’s just a blank wall behind. Makes your house seem bigger. Only downside is you have to tell your guests that that portion of the house is private and they can’t go in there.

So you’re not really closing off a room just hanging some wood in front of the doorway. Does it swing and bang with a breeze?

I came here to post exactly the same. If you are just going to hang doors over a blank wall as home decor, you probably do not need expensive working hardware.

How windy is the inside of your house? (I don’t think you would want to use these as exterior doors.)
I would prefer the models that have bottom tracks to keep the door in line, even if the inside of the house does not have high wind warnings. :slightly_smiling_face:

If installed correctly, no. Per the features:

Floor Guide: A T-shaped floor guide is supplied (with anchors) to prevent the door from swinging out or up against the baseboard.

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I would not want this on my bathroom. I like a solid, more intrusion-proof bathroom door that prevents farty noises from escaping. Maybe on the pantry.

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Seems like an obvious case of going out of your way spending money, effort, and extra space to create something not as good as the standard version for the sake of style. It’s a decorating affectation. People who install stuff like this are dummies.

Reminds me of those sinks that look like actual bowls but aren’t as deep as they should be and have those faucets that water comes out of in a flat wide plane. Last time I saw one was in a restaurant and the drain was slow so the water pooled. There wasn’t enough room to get your hands between the faucet and the stagnant water in the shallow bowl. But it sure looked cool! Ridiculous.

Wow very few Chip and Jo fans in this thread next you’re going to tell me your entire homes aren’t wall to wall shiplap.

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I had to google both of those things.

I think this could have a place where you don’t want a swing out or in door but can’t put in a pocket door. I also think it looks nice. Great way to close off a dining room for example without having doors in the way.

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Our downstairs bathroom is tinyyyyy and we can’t do a pocket door. As soon as my youngest kid is old enough to be trusted, I want a barn door on it so it doesn’t feel quite as claustrophobic.

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Thank you for your support!

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I’m actually WFH today having my pocket door replaced with a barn door as the pocket door kept coming off its hinges. They are just doing the trim today, because guess what I bought today to mount the door itself? ^^^^ THIS THING! #companyman

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Ahh, thank you. These newfangled forums are throwing me.