Heavy Duty Wall Mount Storage Shelf

Is “Proslat 66012 Hoist, 2-Pack” an option? It is listed but does not show up in the drop down options.

Sorry about that. The image must be left over from a previous sale, or it’s possible we already sold out of the quantity we had available for this option.

I read somewhere that the 8ft rack is just two 4ft racks…Can anyone confirm this? If so why pay more for the longer rack instead of buying two 4ft racks?

Yes, the 8’ is two 4’ racks bolted together.

I’m asking about our pricing.

Turns out your pricing is not different in this respect then nationwide box stores. They all charge more for the 8ft and 12ft…Odd. I just bought Three 4ft and called it a day.

In talking with the team, it comes down to the cost to ship the larger sizes.

But the description does say that the “8-foot and 12-foot models come with additional pieces to extend in 4-foot increments.” What exactly are these additional pieces, and might they account for the price difference?

how many bikes does the 4 foot hold?

I watched the video…No special extenders…You just use a bolt. The 4 ft is built to be expandable with no the need to buy a 8ft or 12ft setup.

I do not know if it is because I paid using Amazon or if Woot shipping has gotten speedier Buti got all 3 racks and both shelves in like 2 days.

The 4 foot models also come with the extra pieces: a few long bolts to hold two racks together. Buying two 4 foot models instead of the 8 footer will leave you with a few leftover short bolts and a vertical bar that mounts to the wall.

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