Heavy Monster Sounds

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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nice design.
but i’m done with halloween shirts for good now

stay cool during Halloween concept eh? nice

LOL Dale!! Great idea :smiley:

I love Halloween …and I love Mummies…but what is with the dorky old radio??

Nice “One Step Beyond” by Madness reference. A child of the 80’s like me just might have to get one for that reason alone.

If only it came in 4X - these shirts run small and shrink too much for us “big boys”

Congrats on the print Dale - love your art.

Hey YOU!

Don’t watch that, watch THIS!

The nuttiest sound around!

So if you’ve come in off the street
And you’re beginning to feel the heat
Well listen buster
You better start to move your feet
To the rockinest, rock-steady beat

Of madness


Hey, I’m a Brit, and I’m not in a band. (I have had to clean the blood of my knife once though …)

Woot: Mummy’s day across the pond is a different date than it is in the states. Please be more specific in your instructions.

I like the design, but not enough to buy. Wouldn’t object to seeing this show up in a bag of randoms on some far-off future date …

Edit: Also, Madness rocks. The end.

if the mummy didn’t look so weirdI would have bought it. I think it has something to do with his face mostly.

Love the old school hip hop radio though, just not enough to constitute buying the shirt. Maybe another time.

I don’t get it.

Literally and figuratively.

Glad I’m not the only one to catch that reference.

Wow! This shirt is the greatest!

if you’re under ten years old

shirt.woot, i really like you, but why do you have to be so cartoony all the time, every once in a while there is a great graphic t, but so many of them are cartoony.

Hand wash them in the sink with cold water. Wash off soap thoroughly. Lay towel out on table. Place shirt on top of towel. Roll up towel with shirt inside. Squeeze tight. Hang shirt to finish drying.

Ive done that with all of my shirts and they havent shrunk at all.


nice deisgn

This shirt tells the world: “I’m looking forward to watching the all-new ‘Thundercat Babies’ this fall on CBS!”

I missed this when reading the first time around! LOL