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I might be missing it, but how many treats are there per box/bag?

I see that the box of baked are 16 oz and the bag of soft & chewy are 6 oz, but how many ounces is one (1) treat for the baked treats and for the soft & chewy treats?

Unfortunately, the FDA doesn’t require the same labeling for pet food as they do human food. So there’s no approximate servings per container info available.

Yay! Pet stuff :slight_smile: I love these bowls…I used to use a plastic water bowl, but my poor cat would get occasional sores on his mouth which we eventually figured out was exacerbated from drinking from the plastic water bowl. Once I switched to the ceramic bowl - no more!

While I generally believe half of the toys on kids.woot are actually cat toys, feel free to give us more “official” cat toys (and furniture - my cats definitely need more furniture).

The treats aren’t a deal. You can get the box of the oven baked buddy biscuit treats for $5.09 at petco with no shipping.

No cat love?
Major fail, Woot!

Not really a great deal.
Cat dish is 12.99 on amazon
If you add in free super saver shipping-- 'cause there’s always some cat toys or book or something to add on-- then it’s really a better deal there. Unless you count that you will buy more stuff for your cat. Or, of course,you have a free woot ship thing. I never do : (

They also still have the blue lined one on amazon. which actually, I was going to buy here until my cat walked over the keyboard and then next thing I knew-- poof! sold out. Smart cat (redundant) He wanted to make sure I knew I could find it elsewhere and get some new cat toys too.

PS they also have a few other styles on Amazon.

Cats want real deals where they can buy more stuff ( er have it bought for them) There should be a cat.woot tab on the top. Ok once in awhile you could even put up some items for dogs in that section.

when are we going to see a pet woot?

A big plus here is they say the treats are mde in the US. Many pets have got very sick and a lot of them died. This all due to chicken jerky treats that were fed to them. I lost my baby (Ginny) after I let her have this treat!
I just would like to save a few folks the heart ache we had after Ginny died. Please check this link out to read other stories and links to other sites.
PLEASE read the label on anything that you feed your pets. My vet now has a warning notice posted in her office. CNN had a few reports about this. I have been told NOT to feed my pets anything made in China!

For @inkykatz - Spidermonkey loves his Roku box - he’s such a remote hog:


I fell over when I saw this wootplus! deal. Nameless puppy would be happy.

My sympathies to you. I just had to put my Maisy to sleep last week because of the same thing. But it’s not just Purina, it’s any brand with chicken, duck, or sweet potato jerky from China. Yes, the FDA has expanded their warning.

I made flyers and took them to my local animal shelter, vet, and emergency vet hospital.

I also sent the information to our pet buyer just yesterday so she knows as well.

Spread the word. Here’s the latest info from the FDA:


I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Our pets can’t talk and ** spread the word** so it is up to us so thank you for posting.

While the Buddy Biscuits are not that great of a deal, I don’t see the particular flavors for sale very often, so I will probably buy a few bags. Our dog LOVES the bacon and cheese flavor of the soft chews. We’ve been tearing them up and using them as training treats. At 1-2 treats a day, a bag will probably last about 6 weeks.

Any expiration dates on any of the flavors of Buddy Biscuits? I’d like to stock up, but it may take us awhile to work through a bunch of bags.

Day made. :smiley:

The packages I have on my desk of the Soft & Chewy Buddy Biscuits have a best before date of no sooner than December 2013 (most are in 2014). The Buddy Biscuits date is 02-22-14.

You should have no issue with your dog consuming all by these dates.