Heavymetal Alchemist

Gold/Lead rocks!

Should be the other way around. Pb (lead) into Au (gold) but that would ruin the style.

Lead has obviously started seeing Gold’s stylist, to glamorous effect ; )

Is this shirt in a state of interstitial flux? It’s making my brain hurt.

This is what I thought of…

I don’t recall the Full Metal Alchemist rocking out at any point.

Can someone explain this to me? I get that it’s gold and lead but what do their chemical symbols have to do with the AC/DC logo (other than they they are metals and AC/DC is a ‘metal’ (rock) band) or with The Full Metal Alchemist for that matter?

Sat Morning Comic for your win!

I knew this one would transmute into a print- Grats. :smiley:

I thought Gold Metal was used for baking cookies…

congrats odysseyroc!!!

Awesome, happy to see this one print. Congrats, odysseyroc!


You might want to be careful with this one. There is a “saying” in Spanish around here: “Plato o plomo”, which means “gold or lead?”. Which means, take the bribe or we kill you (gold=money, lead=bullet). Used by the narco-terrorists south of the border.

Get serious! Heavy Metal doesn’t even begin until Plutonium. Grab the glow.

It’s been done.

Congrats buddy, excellent design!

Felicidades odysseyroc, very solid!

not the best woot shirt ever. the logo is fine, but it should have been printed on chain mail. major fail.

Wow. I remember these. I have thought about these over the years, but could never remember the details. I loved these growing up. They are now in my Amazon cart. Thanks for the memories.