Heber Valley Artisan Cheese

Heber Valley Artisan Cheese

This would make an interesting plate of Mac & Chz…

Smoked jalapeno, bacon, lavender, honey, cracked pepper & chive Mac & Cheese

13 1/2 oz’s of cheese for 39.99? Wow!



Ha! What is this? Made to order cheese?

Just do us all a favor and rename “Gourmet” to “Ripoff”. The most worthless section of “Woot”.

Maybe if Woot management worried more about their customers and their satisfaction instead of their worthless comedy for products that provides the customer with absolutely nothing beneficial. It’s so sad what this entire site has become.

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Honestly wouldn’t mind if they shuttered Gourmet. I’m vaguely interested in the products, but the value is terrible.


Right!? I can get Kraft singles for like $3!!

(/s for those who think I’m serious)

These are available on their website for 8.29 per 4.5 oz. There are 3 4.5 oz cheeses in the deal, so that would be a list price of $24.87, much less than the $39.99 “deal” and way, way off the $70 phony list price. I’ve been a long time woot-er, since well before there was more than one woot section, but this one “deal” might have turned me off for good.

Yeah. I thought the same thing. But when you calculate shipping, it jumps to $80:

Subtotal $25.62 (incl. tax)
Shipping 2nd Day Air (UPS): $54.15
Total $79.77 (includes $0.75 Tax)

I wouldn’t give the business to someone that charges $54 for shipping a $25 product (at less than 16 oz.) on general principle.

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Thanks for the information. In some ways that makes more sense. Still a massive rip-off.

To be fair, while I still don’t think it’s quite $50, this isn’t just your typical Amazon shipment. It’s a perishable food that I would assume needs to remain refrigerated/cooled during shipping. That is going to raise the price a bit.


My wife had a delicious bowl of four cheese lobster mac and cheese at a really good restaurant on Maui last month for less than half the price of this with standard shipping. With a side Caesar. So, no oh hell no.

I like good cheeses and am willing to pay a bit more but this is $47.40 a pound! I can get top quality European cheeses as the local gourmet shop for about 1/2 to 1/3 that price.

Yeah I’d rather have Manchego anyway.

Please bring back Beehive cheeses. They were a much better deal. It would be nice if you could work out a Woot deal with Milton Creamery in Iowa, too. This deal (13.5 ounces for $39.99) is a little too rich for my blood.


Mixed feelings:

  • Dang, sorry I missed it. Would have bought it.
  • Wait, what, $40 for < 1 lb of cheese. Maybe wouldn’t have bought it.
  • I looked at the picture and assumed there were 3 diffent ones, but we would get 6 of 'em (lots of recent food deals feature 6 or 8 small packs of something.)
  • Yes, please bring back Beehive. But not at $40/lb!
  • I hope to be driving right through the Heber valley of Utah later this year. If the timing works out I might like to visit their store so maybe will pick up on the trip.
  • Their “About Us” page, well, it’s Utah, there seem to be more potential “Wives” in that photo than likely “Husbands” but I am not judging it’s perfectly fine with me nothing wrong with that IMHO.
  • Big Love!

I wouldn’t go that far (“shutter gourmet!”) as your or draigun’s comments. Prices have seemed to be on the high side, unlike a former site of the same name (where I think we got 3+ lbs of Beehive Cheese for a similar price, long ago).

But in fairness they have featured (mostly) high-quality artisan products. Have you been to local gourmet-type stores (i.e. not Safeway or Albertsons?). Their deli prices are ridiculous! And a lot of what the stores sell is mass-produced crap just packaged to “look artisan.”

Last week there was the salami deal from Portland which got similar complaints ($20/lb for salami!). But I can speak from experience that it is a well-regarded local producer, and sells for more than that in stores locally. Personally I welcome these deals and you always have the option to not click “Buy” so please let’s keep these deals continue, but yes**, Mods, we do always like a nice discount once in a while.** Selling for over-retail is always a tough sell, unless it comes with an actual self-powered cooler with integrated lithium-ion power source we can re-use for road trips.