Hedge Hog

“Give it the rings! Give it ALL the rings!”

Even Bob the Builder couldn’t fix this one.

PETA would be all over this.

This shirt is a thousand times better than the last ten years of Sonic the Hedgehog games.

I’m just sayin’…

Until I looked at the detailed image, I thought (s)he was covered with tiny klansmen.

Is this for me?


Reminds me of a former female acquaintance.

Obligatory “You’re too slow” comment.

I’d like this shirt better without the “RUN!” speech bubble. I’m not sure it’s really necessary.

YESSSSSS In for one! The kidlet will continue to wreak havoc in style.

I bet deforestation would be less of an issue if things were really like this.

Smell the pine-scented freshness of DEATH!


My cats get that look…so that’s what can hide under the fallen leaves. I think I like it.

Feels like Woot is slowly becoming more environmental. Although not exactly a bad thing.

it looks a bit like a zigzagoon from the 3rd generation of pokemon.

Those aren’t hedges, that’s a forest.

Snap, is that what mountains are made of? Colossal mutant porcupines?

Maybe I should rethink my geology major…

I don’t wanna know how this thing would shed, nor what it’s droppings would look like.