Heeldini Foot Scrubber with Imported Volcanic Pumice

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Heeldini Foot Scrubber with Imported Volcanic Pumice
$2.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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A rock on a stick. What could be next?

Perhaps crap on a stick?

It’s the infamous Woot Rock on a Stick!

Is it a refurb? Gross. Eww.

Clean yourself with a…rock?

OMG what a stupid item… who will really buy this?


Really? I waited through the ear buds for this?

…because you should NEVER scrub your feet with domestic volcanic pumice!!!

A foot scrubber…

could use one of these for the balls

where is the pumice imported from?

Rock on a toilet brush?

I bet Fred Flintstone will be ordering one of these…

This is the kind of off-the-wall stuff I expect to see during a woot-off. Well done!

It’s a good thing it has imported volcanic pumice. The domestic volcanic pumice is pure crap. Speaking of which, I bet a few of these find their way into a BOC or two.

Awesome, pumice… I’ve been needing some quality pumice.

The Woot gods have a great sense of humor.