What’s this switch in the middle of the day witchcraft I see?

A traffic cop pulls Heisenberg over: “Do you know how fast you were going?”
Heisenberg: “No. But I know where I am.”

I’m uncertain if I’d like this shirt.

Well, this is odd.

What is that scent? Fall? Burning leaves? Or perhaps a C&D?

Woot, I cannot believe that talented artists aren’t submitting well drawn, wearable shirt designs. If not, print the better honorable mentions

I think it’s more likely that the 55 sales in 12 hours wasn’t getting it done.

I’m guessing the creepy no face kitty wasn’t selling well…I’m not sure this is much better. The BK king guy always struck me as creepy too. Although again, this is a clever, albeit creepy, mashup.

I think it’s more a function of lackluster sales.

Two bad shirts in one day. I wonder if they will sell over 100 for the day…

Not just bad – BURGERKING BAD

well played.

AFAIK, this is the first time in shirt.woot history in which a new shirt was put up and was NOT due to an copyright or IP infringement.

(And not a shirt.woot-off …)

This makes me sad-

We should turn this into a thread showing our last 5 daily rejections! :wink:

Yeah, this thing is hideous. There area bunch of GREAT Breaking Bad shirts, this is NOT one of them.

Go ahead and start the Halloween themed shirts. They have to be better than this…

ok guys, (well girls mostly) random, outdated question. Just found out they change the shirt sizes life forever ago and need to change an order from last week. If I was a AA WXL (I’m curvy) should I get a WL or WM… now that some time as lapsed maybe someone can shed some more light on this subject for me. :slight_smile:

I’m a guy, but I think I can answer this one … and alas, the answer is “it depends”. From the info posted over all these months, if an AA WXL wasn’t constricting, then an Anvil WM may be a closer fit. If it does, then an Anvil WL may be more suitable. Do note that the Anvil blanks taper out, are shorter, and will shrink a lot if you dryer dry.

For more information, the big discussion thread is here.

I loved Breaking Bad, but I hate Burger King. The King is creepy and this is even worse. Not to mention, the baby blue shirt.


2 overly creepy shirts, in one day, is more than enough for me.

If I think they are creepy, they have to be bad. I like some really weird stuff.