Helios Wireless Thermometer


Time for bed!


Hey! It’s a solar powered thermometer! Now I don’t have to worry about using up all the electricity it takes to- wait a minute.




Okay, I was waiting to see if it would sell out, but it didn’t. Who can’t just pick up their phone and check the weather?


uggh. who the hell is going to buy this?


If the solar power cells aren’t working anymore, the ice alarm goes off!!


yerpy derpy doo… didn’t move the Woot bar after 2 buys. Night time for me…


Or maybe go outside and look?


oh wow there are a bunch of these.


they seem to have a lot of these

that’s good news for folks who need a lot of thermometers


Yep. Plus, one really doesn’t have to pick up their phone. Most of us can still go outside and look at the weather. Huh.


People in Cali, I guess…(see map).


Perfect for you indoor urban farmers… yeah you know who you are!


I’m not even supposed to be here today.


See my comment farther down the page. :wink:


Huh. Where are you supposed to be today? Just curious.


Take this time to talk about the coolest things you’ve gotten in BoC ?


never gotten one before. thought i could stay up til 5:30 waiting for one, but this current woot has killed my spirit :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll get one for my desk at work… then we’ll know what we’re missing outside… ugg


w00t-off forums really did used to be a lot of fun. We had pictures, we had flirting…since the advent of Amazon, I think there are only maybe three or four of us still trying to make it fun.