Helix by Reininger Quartet



I actually cursed when I saw this come up. Tough to resist… again! Can we keep the Reininger folks away from the forum this week, please? :slight_smile:

Since I know WineDavid won’t help us out there, I would like to get the good folks @ Reininger to comment on the expected drinkability window of these offerings.

Helix by Reininger Quartet $59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Highly Acclaimed
2 2004 Helix Merlot by Reininger Winery
2 2003 Helix Pomatia by Reininger Winery


looks promising…


Is this the first time we’ve had the pope hat on wine.woot?


Doesn’t Monkey Prize count?


Reininger again! they must love wine.woot! :slight_smile:

this is what I could find…
from Cellartracker:
2003 Reininger Helix Pomatia:
Tasted by lumbarpuncture on 11/5/2006 & rated 91 points: Nice cocoa/chocolate notes, fair depth. Didn’t get the mint they allude to, but was definitely in balance and overall a great buy.
Tasted by pepper on 8/10/2006 & rated 85 points: Based on reviews of the 02 and also how much I like the Helix syrah, I thought I’d like this wine better than I did. A decent wine but not quite the balance and depth of some other Washington red blends I’ve had in a similar price range (Dunham, Whitman, Waterbrook, Tamarack, Saviah).

Winesearcher Pro shows both wines in the $20 range.


Hmm. Reininger. Washington. Natural cork closure. Woot launch.
Will definitely be buying this.
1, 2 or 3 sets?
Think I’ll sleep on it.
Should be some left by tomorrow,
I hope!


well, this looks like I’m gonna have to buy it…Very nice!


damn you to hell…woooooot…

must resist…


The only question for me is how many!!

Gotta Love to see the Washington wines and Reininger Launch event Nice!


Good call. Somehow I forgot the delicious monkey.


Other than Monkey Prize, I think the Hagafen might have been a wine.woot launch for the 2003. I’ll poke around…

…edit… can I cite myself as Source?


well I’m in for one… (never polish off a bottle of wine just before a wine-woot is announced… it really shortens any debate you might have)


Looks like this will sell out.


Yeah, Hagafen too. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing. If it’s a woot wine exclusive, we don’t have much to gage against. On the other hand, we have the distinction of being one of the first to rate.



In for three. The wine fridge is empty.


Ok, for the folks at Reininger.

first time I’v seen Russian Oak mentioned, what are the comparisons to French and American oak?

and your opinion of 2003 vs. 2004 vintage.


I figured I’d buy tonight. Work this week will be busy (maybe an understatement, as I worked Saturday and Sunday this past week). Hopefully, there are no terrible secrets let out about these wines.


I’m going to check in tomorrow. Living in Washington, I love to try new Reds. If this is gone by tomorrow … it wasn’t meant to be. But I hope to read more about it from the winemakers.


That’s a tough call to make. Per-bottle price is good, but $60 can be a daunting amount to pay. With cheaper woots, buyers are more likely to buy 2x or 3x, especially when the offerings are 1 each of each wine (e.g. last week’s Kunde). You’re also looking at a smaller prospective audience since the ship-to list is pretty short.

With this week, you’re almost getting 2 woots in 1 since you double-up on each wine. For that reason, I see a lot more 1-woot buyers this week. There’s also a much higher production this week with the lowest production wine (1000+ cases) being the target of the woot launch.

I think woot will sell a lot of wine this week, but unless they’re much more limited than they’ve been in the past, they won’t sell out. The last Reininger offering didn’t even sell 350 woots (and didn’t sell out).

If it DOES sell out, hopefully it will be after I get paid on Friday… :slight_smile: