Helix Pomatia Three - Pack

Helix Pomatia Three - Pack
$44.99 + $7.00 shipping
Condition: Red
Product: 3 2005 Helix Pomatia

Ooooh, I love me some red snail wine…

CT Link above. If we weren’t signing papers on a new car this week, this would be a TIWBM-breaker.

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Previous Offers:
6/29/2009: Blog and Forum
1/14/2008: Blog and Forum
2/19/2007: Blog and Forum

Yes! Finally!

So I happened to notice a lot of people asking for this wine with the other Helix offer. I guess I’m just wondering what all of the hype is about. :slight_smile:

Yeah… what’s the big deal?

It is really really good. I had it at my first wine.woot tasting (Chicago). It’s a big wine that goes really well with red meat. Sorry I can’t be more specific as I was still very new to wine when I had it, but I remember it was delicious. :slight_smile:

Any other beggars want to elaborate. My interest is piqued because of so many requests during the previous offering. And the price is not too bad either.

Here’s a short review. Scroll down; it’s the second wine reviewed. Intriguing notes.

Hey Helix Crew,

Couldn’t help but notice the 8% Russian oak. Why do you use Russian oak? Does it add a different flavor? Were you experimenting?

Also, would these benefit from some cellaring? If so, how long? And how long can we hold them before they fall off?


Winemaker peeps: I loved the '04. What can you tell us about the differences/similarities to the '05? (I’m going to buy anyway. Just curious to get your take on it.) Thanks!

My take is that it’s a wine from the ‘second’ label of Reininger that’s in the realm of what most other wineries would hope to achieve with their primary label. I found it to be a very full, balanced wine that I would gladly pull out for company to show off what reasonably-priced internet wine can be.

I need to catch up with the other thread, too much going on this week. As for the style of the Helix wines are they heavy towards a “fruit-bomby” profile type or a mix of old-world and new world?

Does it need any time to come together to reach peak or are they blended to be consumed immeadatley?

“Nose: Elmers glue, blackberry, blueberry and some road-kill funk – some nice black pepper, and smoked paprika.”

Um, really? Is this supposed to sell me on this wine?

The writer seems to enjoy taking an off-beat approach to wine bloging, based on some of the other entries I browsed, so I suppose this is more of the same.

This is not what the winery mentions in their notes, so I will easily disregard…I’m very curious about other thoughts before 8am SoCal time!!

1 (3 bottles)… Woot $51.99 vs Winery $76.43
Winner Woot 32%
2 (6 bottles)… Woot $96.98 vs Winery $141.75
Winner Woot 31.6%
3 (9 bottles)… Woot $141.97 Winery $208.40
Winner Woot 31.9%

Winner by T.K.O wine.woot!

Not as elaborate as the spread but I was bored and knocked this out.

Shipping from winery is to Colorado because it is in the middle of the country and I live there :wink:

Pardon any incorrect math! There seems to be a trend with Woot discounts in the 30% range

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agree with tommy…bought this when it was part of a trio at some point. thought it was great so im in this time as well. also keeping my eye out for that iron horse cab franc wink wink

Last wooter to woot: craiggery

If only. I am having an incredibly difficult time bringing myself to drinking the last 2 that I have.

Edit: We need another Chicago gathering soon!!

Argh, no love for Vermont again.

Helix was my first wine.woot purchase in '07 and again when offered in '08, but alas it appears not in '09. :frowning: