Helix Pomatia Three - Pack

Sorry, for the stupid question! I see that the year is “2005”!!! Just woke up!

Happy Independence Day!!!







Is she still singing?? (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Happy 4th of July everyone !

Edit: no clue needed.

Ok. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Noted. :slight_smile:

Don’t get Mad!

So, can we get a clue?

You know those crazy friends everyone has? :wink:

From what I’ve heard, this winery has made quite the splash before (if they are the one launching tonight).

Yep. Saved this Green Mountain Boy some serious coin this week. I might try to pick up a bottle locally to be able to do a 3-vintage Helix vertical.

Old age seems to be hitting WD pretty hard these days. He posted the clue in the Pub …

Good Luck!

WD is the medium providing the clue. So Wine + David = Michael David Winery. Or another google result was Mark David Winery.

Marshall Wines? Marshal(single l) Winery? Catherine Marshall wines?

Wines of Substance? Combined project of Waters winery and Gramercy cellars.

Future Shock wine? I cannot find a Toffler Winery…

Edit: Never mind … I misremembered the source of the quote … and someone already started down that path anyway …

i knew exactly what i was doing…

I told you he liked us more! :wink: