Helix Pomatia Three - Pack

[How good is this deal?](http://bit.ly/3KR9hq" title="How good is this deal?)

Click the link to find out. Also included are CT prices, CT links, winery links, etc., etc., etc…

Not included are instructions for bathing penguins, directions to finding the source of the Nile, and credible evidence of why getting eight hours of sleep a night is a necessity – and much much more!

If I wasn’t super serious, this would be a WBM-breaker for me, too. I loved the Pomatia the last time it was offered – definitely the winner in that three pack.

Looks like I bought some wine in my sleep.I wouldn’t have ordered it if I was awake because-

Can’t rat,leaving for the weekend,and

Didn’t change my address.

Should be ok for delivery,I have a week layoff and forced vacation this month.Elmers glue and roadkill-mmmm,sounds good.

I bought the '04 in a previous woot, and I was pretty happy with it. It didn’t knock my socks off, but it was a good weekday dinner wine.

One of my favorite previous woots, I think I have one bottle left from last time.

In for three, thus breaking my recent SIWBM. woot!

I can’t rat this time, I’m leaving town this evening for the weekend…

Enjoyed the 2004 Helix from what I recall. In for another and available to Rat.

In for 1, and perfectly home all weekend to rat.

It’s July 2!!! Tennessee passed the bill, why can’t I order?

I really enjoy this wine. I have to say it is it is one of the best Reininger offers. I went to their tasting room a few years ago when I was in Walla Walla. It was a little small, but the wines were delish! And my husband and I like the Helix the best.

In for one!

It may take a while for individual wineries to get their licences to ship there.

Hmmm I enjoyed the Helix the last time it was offered - hope the 2005 is just as good or even better.

An update that CT’s tasting is August 1st, not September :)Check out the thread! And waah to no shipping with this offer :frowning:

In for one and available for Rat…

Really? You make me sad. You and I have talked about how much we both liked this wine. When I saw Pomatia, my first thought was “oh, j-dub is going to love this offer!”

And just for the record, I’d like to point out this prophetic post from earlier in the week. :wink:

Because the winery doesn’t have a TN license. That doesn’t just happen overnight.

Russian oak!? I’m intrigued as well. What kind of flavor does it give vs. French or American oak?

I thought Tennessee would finally be able to buy wine from Woot today? Anyone know why this is restricted even though it is from a winery?

As previously discussed in the past, this is a very successful price point. If you look at the historical offerings, this price point is very in-line. I understand there are budgets where this price point may be expensive. We probably have all been in that situation. But there is a strong following on wine-wwot at these price points given the quality of the wine.


I agree. I’d rather they offer mostly the $15 and $20 wines. If I want something average for cheap, I go to the supermarket, especially Trader Joe’s, and look for something that’s marked down. Woot is for finding something less common, but also marked down. I don’t get the people who want to buy something cheap and average just because it’s on the internet. For an $8 bottle of kitchen sink red blend it’s not usually worth dealing with shipping!