Helix Pomatia Three - Pack

Marshall Wines? Marshal(single l) Winery? Catherine Marshall wines?

Wines of Substance? Combined project of Waters winery and Gramercy cellars.

Future Shock wine? I cannot find a Toffler Winery…

Edit: Never mind … I misremembered the source of the quote … and someone already started down that path anyway …

i knew exactly what i was doing…

I told you he liked us more! :wink:

in other words the cyber pub is the clue (or one who often frequents it).

Hmmm. Petite Syrah (Lowell) often starts the cyber pub.

Darryl Hannah?

Recieved my wine today. I am signed up as a “Labrat” and did not get a bottle of this overnighted to me. I placed the order early on Thursday morning. Does the Labrat extra bottle only apply to Mondays?

dude, taken from What is Wine.Woot: Free and open discussion is like wine: you can get along without it, but who would want to? For unvarnished critique of the current week’s wine, we rely on our Labrats. Every week, a short list of selected participants are rush-shipped an additional bottle of the week’s wine. In return, these Labrats are “hired” to share their prompt and honest opinions in our forums. To be considered for 'Rathood, just email your Woot username to labrat@woot.com and buy that week’s wine deal before 10 a.m. Central time on Monday. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll get a bottle to review. If you’re one of the good ones, you’ll rush right to our forums and let everybody know what you think. Whether your opinion is “I love this wine more than I love my children” or “I tried to pour this out but my toilet threw it back up”, level with us. We can take it.

Okay, been 3 weeks, tracking no. still says billing info received. Any updates?

Tenuki, this one concerns me. please contact service@woot.com.