Neat design, definitely a favorite already…Good job odysseyroc.


Awesome! This was a collaboration with Kevlar51, and should be credited as such. Now, admittedly, I’m responsible for everything that you like about the design, and Kevin is responsible about the not so cool stuff. But still, it was a team effort.


woah, that thing is practically glowing! Nice job, and thanks for the close up there, Woot.


I smell BLOCKBUSTER - as long as the movie has that blue thingie from the shirt in it and is in 3D
the last movie with blue thingies that was 3D made a fortune


By the thumbnail, I though this was done by another person on woot.


Thor’s DNA!


I didn’t notice the details behind the helix before, very nice. Galvanic!!! (how’s that for an electric synonym)


OMG, if only this thing actually GLOWED… Glow in the dark material OR lighted material… GENIUS!


I really don’t like my brain on the internet. I keep it in my head and on my body.


This is a really cool shirt, and I want it.
Unfortunately, I don’t want to buy it, because the last few shirts I have gotten from shirt.woot have fit bizarrely despite being the correct size for me. Strange bagginess in the chest area and so on.
Anyone know if the shirt provider has been corrected? It doesn’t seem to have been a temporary issue since it’s affecting three of the shirts I’ve bought. :frowning:


Could… could this be why I’m always giving people and pets (and myself) static shocks? Maybe my DNA is electric…?

…would that qualify me as a super hero? :smiley:


“Uncertainty Now Affecting The T-shirt Markets”


So… what’s the video game title? Kinda stumped on that one.


Yeah, I didn’t see it at first. Had to go look up the derby to see the reference: Bioshock.


definitely buying it for it’s DNA looks very cool !!!


Ditto, since he’s done a couple DNA designs before too, one of which printed here.

Same supplier (Anvil); no change since a year ago.


Great design! The glow is amazing. :slight_smile:
Just a small fact is missing which all artists do for some reason. The DNA is a double helix not a helix as it is drawn here. The bridging lines in the middle should bridge two neighboring strings which are together spiraling around a bigger virtual cylinder.
Yet great design!


Don’t design like Ramyb
With anyone else but me
Anyone else but me
Don’t go walking down pander lane
With anyone else but me…

Congrats on the derby print kids.


Congrats, guys! Love the shiny on this one.