Hello Darkness

Hello Darkness

Adorable! Assumed this one would do well. Congrats!

Hello darkness my old friend…I’ve come to take your bank again…

I thought I was part of the resistance, tried to use the force and not buy this shirt, but alas I succumbed. I mean how could I not?! One of my favorite songs (Disturbed version) and well…Because Star Wars.

Congratulations to an amazing design! This one blew me away.

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Good to see you back with a win, kellabell!

Nice sparing use of color. Well deserved, congrats.

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Thank you all!! It’s so awesome to be back :slight_smile:


Fantastic job on this, congrats on the win :slight_smile:

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I really love this, it’s so cute and brilliant. Big congrats to you kellabell :slight_smile:

I feel like there’s a missed opportunity here… Should have called the design “Hello Darthness”

The next time you come up with an ABSOLUTELY GENIUS design… Please spend an extra five seconds naming it.

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I like the title that was chosen. Then again, I don’t have your quick wit.