Hello Neighbor

Fun collection Fishie- Grats on being featured-

I wonder if you have the honor of being the most featured artist?

@narfcake ? What says your wootcomputer- :wink:

To be honest, I haven’t been keeping track. It sounds about right, however, and if for some reason it’s not, then it needs to be!

What I do know that even though I bought a copy when this ran at TeeFury and two more from TeeTurtle, I still needed another copy!

Oh, you guys. <3 <3 <3 :slight_smile:

So happy my kitties are now on woot! My favorite part of this collection is the write up… “fishbiscuit5 is building an adorable empire.”
Well, I sure am trying! :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: … although technically, Hello Kitty is not a kitty. That was an argument made 3 weeks into one of my all-catshirts-all-the-time stints at my old job.

Good thing I kept a backup catshirt in my truck! =^.^=

Where’s the one for “Hello, Newman”?