Hello Polar Bear

Looks like a bit of a bear - wolf hybrid.

Love white shirts but I think I’ll pass on this one.

She’s not always this angry. Sometime’s she’s actually quite pleasant.

I think she may be a bi-polar bear.

So, Hello Kitty was eaten by a Polar Bear. Then the Polar Bear decided the bow didn’t look half bad on the cat and decided to wear the blood-stained ribbon.

… Interesting…

The don’t wear this shirt was specific enough that I think I know her. Was it Latisha?

An answer for that age old question, “What would you do for a Klondike bar?”


The Wanted poster for the apparent mauling attack on Pee Wee Herman.

I think this bears light on the absurd hilarity of polar opposites.

Aww, she’s smiling! I feel so loved and oddly warm and … dear GOD!

This is the worst shirt ever! What is this all about. . .Rawwwwwwrrrrrr but im nice!

Took me a few seconds of staring to realize that it’s a parody of Hello Kitty. Wow, I must be tired tonight.

…yeah, I’m tired.

Edit: in reply to woot mod that made this a quality post — haha, nice one! Indeed, I’m hitting the hay right now. G’night! :smiley:

I’m craving Coca Cola all of a sudden.

Why are you guys selling a t-shirt with my old boss on it?

Oh wait, this looks too pretty to be her…

Terrifying. Truly terrifying.

quick!! someone give the polar bear a bottle of coke!!!

I like this shirt a lot, my first woot in a while.

Clearly the big red bow signifies this polar bear is a present.

Now, why you would want to give an angry polar bear to someone? That’s a whole different question that needs to be answered, probably in therapy with a psychologist.

i certainly hope she has a purse to match that bow

I didn’t realize it was a Hello Kitty parody until I read this. Oh well, it just means my “Does this remind me of Hello Kitty” mental filter isn’t working.

Cute widdle bear needs some dental work. I think this shirt sends mixed messages.

They say the color is “Like White On A Polar Bear’s Butt”, but technically polar bears’ butts are black. It’s the fur that’s white. As an aside, I’ve heard that their fur is actually clear and only appears white due to snow clinging to it. =shrugs=