Hello Squidbucket!



Squidbucket square pants?


Not sure my take on this one. But for now, I must pass. Love the T color though.


Is there a meaning in there or is it just a squid in a bucket?


i smell fish!

got it for my kid!


I don’t get it.


squid looks like a penis. I’ll pass.


Uh… if that doesn’t look like a ding-a-ling… I don’t know what does.


Lol one night its a MONKEY the other night a SQUID, they’re just getting closer to MONKEY SQUID.


Weird shit haha, sea food bucket?


who cares what it means, my radio name is squid vicious and this is awesome. It could of been pink and I would of bought it.


This is a strange one. At least it is a good color.


Meh. Nice tee color, bad shirt.


If you could see the dark green on my green snake infinity shirt, I might have bought this one. I compared mine to my brothers, and except by touching it, you couldn’t see the bottom half of the snake on mine, but his was a bit better. Oh well. you get what you pay for ehh :frowning:


Horray for the St. Louis Artists!


it looks like it has very hairy tentacles


looks like a mutated arrow head that grew 10 armpits


At least it’s strange, though I fail to see the humor.


This is the most rediculous shirt I have ever seen. The color is nice, but who puts a squid on a tshirt?


Squid no go.