Good Morning?

no gm

Yes it is! And a good morning to you too, vishal! welcome to the show!

dude, its like 10:30. . . what’s with the good morning bit :wink:

Ha! Another east coaster? Or central.

sigh, it’s so lonely one woot in the PST.

cuz CST rocks tha house! hey!!!11

obob’s Pacific, but he’s not around much.

always wondered about the est, do they have insomnia?

tell me something about you

says the boozed up dark lord.

tell me something about you

Well I am a dark sith lord, traded as a young child into indentured servitude on tattoine, yadda yadda yadda, friend tells me about woot, and now I am an addict. How about you?

I am a former jedi knight of the old republic, but I lost my jedi powers when I regained human form. I read about woot, joined the photochoppers, pretend I can make pretty pictures and eventually got lured down here into the deep dark underworld of woot by the dodgeball contest to deify Zilla, now I can’t get out.

We stay up much too late.

It’s getting really, really deep in here.


here ya go.

:bs: or the addictiveness?

tell me how woot works who can get message?

Anybody who bothers to read, unless you send a PM, those are private.