Helmets You'll Actually Look Cool Wearing

“Helmets You’ll Actually Look Cool Wearing”

Maybe someone Woot… but not this “you”.

Yeah. And…?

I thought I was in kids.woot when I saw this

Anyone else not receive their order yet (I placed mine 12/16)? Been in the “Shipping Now” status for over a week, standard ship time is listed as 3-8 business days.
Auto-reply from Woot on 12/26 says they’re busy:
Hi, Woot member -
Woot Customer Service here to say thanks for the email. We’ll get right on it, starting by assigning you the catchy case number.
To be honest, we’re pretty swamped this holiday season and it might take us up to a week to respond to your request. We’re very sorry for the delay, we know it is an important time of year and remain committed to addressing your concerns. You might find the answer you seek in our FAQ: http://www.woot.com/faq.

Thank you very much for your patience,

Woot Customer Services

Just checking for signs of life before I go purchase a helmet from somewhere else and mini-dude can ride his Christmas, 'er, New Years present.

@LotharDSM: We found your email and we’re looking into it. You should have a response from CS soon. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks, received the e-mail from CS shortly after the post!