How do you register your shirt design into the shirt.woot! contest?


you gotta enter on days they accept entries. friday noon central to wednesday noon central. they’re now closed to entries for the current derby.

you can email them stuff any day to consider as dailies, though.


so if you send them a pic for dailys they wont pay you?


no, if they decide to print it, they pay.


so wats the dif between dailys and durbies?


derby: woot customers vote for the winner. there’s various contest rules, one of the big ones is that it has to fit the theme of the week.
daily: woot paid staff pick 'em. usually they’re by professional artistes, but you never know.


Haha im definalty not a proffesional so i guess ill have to go with derby. Whats the next theme?


we find out every week noon central on thursday (tomorry).

or if you’re lucky they leak the theme beforehand, but i dont’ know how to get those.


have you made any shirts?


i’ve entered the derby many times, but never printed.

josephus, skektek, and ehalcyon have had shirts printed and they show up every now and then in “everything but woot.” jimiyo who popped up in your contest thread is an uber-designer, printed many times here and other sites too.


sweet! i just made a shirt, how would i show it on this thread?


if you’ve got a jpeg or gif of it, upload it to a hosting site (for example,,, after you upload it, the site will have several choices of code. copy the one with [ img ] [/img] tags. it’ll look something like

[ img ][/img]

except it won’t have spaces around the “img” in [ img ]. copy and paste that code here like you typed it. it should show up as a pic.


sigh too bad i dont have any of those websites haha


how is it that everything is blocked but not shirt.woot?


because my mom types in the websites im aloud to go to.


does that mean she bought a shirt?


lol no. My mom put parental controls on my computer so she only aloud me to have access to homework related websites, and this.


Well, that answers the approximate age question.


i unnerstand the hw related sites, i just don’t get why shirt.woot is allowed.


How old are you?