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So, we recently purchased the Logitech Z5500’s
Many reviews, along with Logitech Z5500’s state:
“The rear panel of the SoundTouch™ Control Center has inputs for both coaxial and optical digital signals.”
…or something similar like “Input: Select audio source (optical, coax, or direct)”
Common sense tells me, coax…let’s see. I’ve got a “Digital Audio Out, Coaxial” plug on the back of my TV and a Digital Coax Cable, specific for audio. The box even shows a picture of an orange plug/port/thing which is identical to the one on the back of my TV (which is quite old)
Anyways, I plug the Digital Coax Cable into the TV and the ‘Control Center’ for our surround sound. Then, I switch the input to DIgital Coaxial, and it doesn’t work.
Would someone please be willing to try to help me? Thanks a bunch

Well, I’ve got it to work while playing a DVD. Is that the only time it will work, not on standard television? If so, what would I need to do to get it to work for regular TV?


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Is your TV set up corectly?


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If you could show some picks of where you plug it in I might be able to help.


I would have to say you should prob adjust your tv settings from the menu.

But I could be wrong.


Well, would what I can find online do? I’m not in the mood to go take/load pictures with my digital camera that does not exist.


DVDs and DVD players that can output a surround sound signal will use the coax or optical connection correctly when it is set to output sourround (like 5.1). If your TV is not outputting a digital surround signal, which standard cable does not, then it will not work. Your TV may be set to output that surround signal, but it has nothing to send so you hear nothing. It should, however, be able to send a stereo signal over the cable. Try checking your TV’s audio settings and setting it to 2 channel stereo.

Eh, sorry, it’s tough to explain without seeing your setup and I don’t know how that logitech thingy works. I’ve worked with a lot of home theater setups though. (DVD, HTPC and TV to Receiver and surround)


My TV has very limited settings. I’ve messed with all the TV settings, but it still only works when playing DVD’s.
The TV is one of those POS TV+built in dvd combo things


The back of the Control Center looks like this


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N/M those are outputs right?


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hmm… one of those y cablws would work, right?
1 sec…


Do you know if those are all inputs or are 1,2,3 outputs? If it’s in then it’s like I said but erased earlier. Send the left and right from your TV to 1 and 3 and swap sources on your receiver when you want TV or DVD.


And don’t forget to flip that switch on the right to the down position.



Let me say what I know:
I plug 3 things from my comp to the control center, black green and light orange.
This gives me surround sound on my computer. My computer had a surround sound 5.1 card.
When I plug the digital coax cable from the back of my TV/DVD combo POS to the orange digital coax plug, I get sound ONLY while watching DVD’s

I hope, somehow, that helps/answers your question


I think you need both the coax (for the DVD) and then run the left and right RCAs from the TV and convert them to 1/4" stereo jacks. Then you switch between the two sources. I’ll say again though, I don’t know the receiver.


a cable signal would only be sterio, i think.