Help for a new forum user!


This may sound stupid, but I have absolutely no clue how to change my avatar and signature. :frowning:
I checked the “Forum Help” link, and it described briefly HOW to do it, but not WHERE on the site to do so.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Click on Your account. It is up on that green bar (if you are on woot and not shirt or wine).
There is a box on the bottom of the right side for your signature line.

Pick something good!


Oh duh…just found the signature options.

Still don’t see any avatar option though.




For a Mod, I’m not that good at computer stuff.
I don’t think we are allowed avatars, but since I don’t know exactly what they are, I can’t help you.
Someone will come along and tell you something more than what I can.


Woot doesn’t support Avatars. You can add graphics in your signature. If you need more help on hosting and inserting graphics, look at the Screaming Monkey User’s Guide… another thread in this forum.


Thanks all! I’ll be set from here.


Only two people got avatars before woot decided they didn’t want them, stopped allowing people to add ones, and eventually disabled the ones those tow people already had. Woot is never going to get avatars.


Well, there is a way to have an avatar on woot. Just get put on probation, but you don’t get to choose your avatar. :slight_smile:


I do like dogs…







Hmmm…the one on the bottom doing all the work…the one on top petrified with mouth agape. Looks familiar.

Errr, welcome to the forums Zorro22.


Mr. Wiseman,
Looks familiar? Have you been watching Pa and Sis agin?