Help me! I need your participation in my survey


Hello all,

I am Woohuyn( and a graduate student at MSU.
I am conducting online survey related to online auction.
The survey is very short (less than 5 minutes).
I really need your help.
If this message is not appropriate to this board, please disregard.
The link is:

I guarantee that the link is clean (no pop-ups, no advertising, …).

Thnak you.


Thank you for your participation.
However, I still need 20 more volunteers.
Since I am an international student, it’s very difficult to find U.S. volunteers.


Good luck, shimooh!


I hope my participation helps!


Just completed the survey, I hope you are getting good response.


Glad to help, I really enjoy surveys!


Shimooh, I filled out your survey and hope I win the $10 gift certificate!