Help me post a Picture (signature)


I followed the instruction in and was able to post a photo for my signature, but it was huge. The picture on the web site is smaller. Can anyone help me? Can the picture be resized before posting?
Thanks in advance for any advice.


Guys, how long are you going to make elynnjean wait before you give an answer?


No. Your situation is hopeless.

What web site do you mean? Are you just linking to someone else’s pic?

There are a couple of options to resize your pics. Telling us a little more about your setup might help.
If you use Imageshack to host your pictures, there is an option to resize your pic to be smaller.

Alternatively, if you have picture editing software, you should be able to resize your pics yourself, then upload the small pic to an image hosting site, such as Imageshack.

If you’re really befuddled by what I’ve written, you can post the pic to this thread, and one of us will resize it for you and post the smaller pic. (Dontwantaname knows how!) Then you can insert the appropriate code into your sig.


Since you know how to resize and post pics, why don’t you give an answer?


I don’t know how. Apple must have changed the program and it does it by itself now. On both computers, so it has to be Apple and something I downloaded with an update.


I classify this as a lame excuse. You know how to post pictures. If I were elynnjean, I would be mad that you passed the buck and didn’t try to help me. :wink:


…i think KT is elynnjean…


Nope, KT is not me. (But I do admire her.)
I was trying to post a pic from my lame personal web site, but I was at work and don’t have photo shop or anything there. I’m home today and will try to do the resize thing myself. Thanks for all your “help”. Will let you know this morning - if my next post has a pic, I’m all good. Or, I’ll be back to ask for mor help!
Thanks again for most of your responses!


By George, I think I got it! But will it stay in My Image Shack account for the future?


Fool! :wink:

I don’t sign in when I go to Imageshack so my images don’t stay. If you have an account that you sign into, it probably stays. does what you are looking for, but I don’t care for it as much as Imageshack.

A little trick I have is to PM myself the image and just keep adding to that one message in my PM box. It is like having a small storage area.


Imageshack support doesn’t seem to respond well to support questions . . .