Help me raise money to fight cancer.

I am doing the 5k walk for the Lance Armstrong Challenge in Austin on October 8th. I think this is a good way to raise money for cancer and am asking you guys to chip in. This is just a request and in no way will I profit by you donating. I don’t really know what else to say.

You can donate here:

Mods: You can take this down if you don’t feel that it is of woot standards.

I made you your first donation

good luck

don’t forgt to drink plenty of water

Thank you sir!

you need to set yourself a higher goal…

wear good shoes! This would be great for the charity thread. We are going to burst your thermometer!

what would you suggest?


Thanks STL!

I have good shoes, well they are good shoes now at least, and a 5k isn’t really that far.

I was just being grandmotherly. Wear a hat and make sure to put on sunscreen.


Of course y’all would say that.


Fine! 500 it is. Updated on the site too.

I guess I better send emails out to the people I work with.

make it a woot side deal…

just checking my email before going,
the reply from livestrong was 5k (file size). :slight_smile:

good for you!!!

People remember!!!

You don’t have to give $100.00

Every penny helps!!!

If there was a boc on right now you know you would spend 8.00 without thinking twice - knowing the odds that you would get pure sh*t!!! here you a guaranteed winner!!!

the charity thread has been updated

You should get Ace and Brownie to walk with you! That’s the week of their visit, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

and if they do we’ll donate for them as well

Good Luck,
and you should wear a cap,


your almost halfway there

before you send it out to the family raise your goal!!!