HELP!!!! My remote control won't program!!!


Hey wootseters- Seems you are all tech-savy enough to help me out!

I have a Sylvania tv. At some point along the way, I lost the remote. I bought a “universal” advent remote with a way too complicated programing code guide thingy. None of the codes seem to work. Any suggestions??? Before you call me lazy, I only need the remote to program in channels that are in the market I moved to as the market i moved from did not have this chanel line-up. Thanks woot family!!!


I can’t help you, but I have to tell you, I like you already. Code guide thingy. I understand that completely. I’d use the same terminology.


I’m about as helpful as poof on this subject, lol.

Check a site called and type the keywords for what “you need to know how to do” into the search bar. Maybe you’ll find something helpful, since it’s more focused than a general Google search.

Good Luck!


Bump. Can anyone help this nice lady?


it’s the sort of thing that if i was there, i might be able to figure it out… i suggest trying to find a nearby teen/early 20sish who is more on the geeky/electronic side of things… they might be able to play with it to figure it out… if you’ve got a friend like that go there first, but i suspect if you’re asking us you don’t have one who fits that description… ask them for help, but don’t sound like you’re just using them… don’t offer money either, though… if you want to give something in exchange, pizza or cookies or soda or (depending on age) beer would probably work… it’s good to make a geeky friend, if they fit into your social life… there should be someone at work (or depending on how old you are, school) who fits that description… this isn’t making a whole lot of sense, i’m rambling… i’ll try to make this more coherent in the morning, but this’ll do for now…


I know exactly what you were talking about. I have one of those. I do pay him money, but I also feed him dinner.


Might be a candidate for some local help…all guys know everything about remotes. Need a lot more information to diagnose over the internet.

Are you trying to change the channels on the TV? Or do you keep it on channel 3 and need to change the channels on the cable box?
If NONE of the codes work A. make sure the batteries in the remote are good B. The remote could be defective. C. Try checking the remote manufacturer’s web site and see if there are any new codes or other support issues.
Are you wired through a DVD recorder, player, VHS, or TiVo? Satellite? What model and year TV? What model remote?

A good look by a competent friend would probably be a lot more helpful, less frustrating, and quicker than what we’d be able to provide here. There are just too many variables involved.


What’s the remote control model number?


So it turns out… I do have a geeky friend who informed me the problem wasnt my remote…it was my tv. THe joys of being poor and having a crappy old tv! But the flip side, at least I have smart friends! Thanks wootsters!


sorry kiddo… maybe woot’ll put up a cheap TV soon…