Help Needed in Sacramento

Hello fellow Wooters,

As many of the regulars know I’m doing a year of service with an organization known as FIRST. I am currently coordinating volunteers for a new middle-high school robotics championship to be held this year in Sacramento CA, USA. This year for US teams in the FIRST Tech Challenge program a new tournament has been added on the road to the World Championship, we call this tournament Super-Regionals! From March 19-22nd the US FTC West Super-Regional will be taking place, and many more volunteers are needed for this to happen.

Every team attending has worked very hard winning a place at the tournament from a regional competition in one of the 13 Western US states.

We need Judges, Referees, Inspectors, Queuers, Security, and a variety of other volunteers to bring this tournament together. Please, if you can help, sign up online at the FIRST VIMS site [url][/url]
If you need help registering, a walkthrough can be found here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I’ll try to check in as I can.

I can’t help, but can I share this on g+? I know a lot of CA people there…

Mayvn, Please share this! Call them, email them, G+, Facebook, Whatever you’ve got!

Yes, please share our need for volunteers. We want quality people and this is a great opportunity. This event is going to be memorable and a wonderful experience. The planning committee is putting in a ton of effort (and it’s all volunteer too). We just need people in roles to really bring it together.

Done. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

so how did this thing go?