Help needed with returning requires freight pickup

Hello Woot customer representative,

I need to return my order #83003749 contains 8 unopened items, each weights 242lbs (52in x 30in x 19in). I’ve tried to reach the CS via email multiple times, but never get the problem resolved. In my emails, I already mentioned about the size of the items, but the Woot CS still scheduled a regular UPS pickup. Obviously, the UPS driver denied the pickup, because the size of the items are too big. I’ve emailed the Woot CS several times and seen no respond from them. I’m so frustrated, and hope that this forum can help with my situation.

Thanks in advance

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Curious what you bought that weighs 242#.

It was the above ground pool set. I couldn’t imagine them be that heavy until I received them.

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Sorry for the problem. A different woot customer service rep will reach out to you.

One CS reached out to get the pickup time. I replied, but didn’t hear back. I’m not sure that they will schedule a freight pickup or not. They replied with a template saying they will schedule a UPS pick up.

It’s the weekend so give him some extra time. Thank you.

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