Help on a design

Hey guys. I’m working on a random design for woot in the hopes a random derby matches it. The design is below and I’d really like to get your input. What would you want to see? What color should everything be? Would you buy it as is? :slight_smile: You can read the tidbit I wrote about it at if you’re inclined and leave slander in the comments there but I warn you the designs aren’t all like this and you might want to find someone to beat your eyes out afterward. I kid. Thanks in advance!

It’s great. Lots of people around here will probably tell you that this rectangle shape is not well-liked, but to me, this design looks great as it is.


Dr. J,


Mr. phzzt,

Personally, I like a little variety in color. Mabe some yellow lightning, lt blue diamond. But I’m old-fashioned that way.

Is this more along the lines of what you’re talking about? Happy? Overly happy for the drawing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mr. phzzt,

Actually I liked it on the red. I meant just coloring in the non-black parts of just the diamond and the lightning.

Aha. Okay that makes a lot more sense. I was in my “wooters like pretty colors mode since there are a lot of happy designs.”

So like this

And I just realized you said only the diamond and the lightning… :frowning: