Help please: email address and return

I’ve had multiple calls and emails to trying to work an email address change and return. I realized the “Login with Amazon” feature does not sync the latest email address I use in Amazon with Woot. So, Woot was sending emails to an account I can’t access any longer. I need to process a return but can’t get the return label sent to the current address.

Any help or advice?

Step 1: I need help in changing my email address in my woot account. Email listed is not accessible.
Step 2: get the return label emailed to the new, correct address.

Hang tight. Let me ping someone in CS.

Thank you so much. It was been forwarded a few times but can’t seem to get closure.

You worked some magic. Email us updated!! Thanks so much. Now just have to figure out how to get the return label resent to the current address.

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