Help Stop Texts!

Please help… I signed up for woot text alerts and now I don’t know how to make them stop…

I’m gonna try here! Go online to your twitter account and cut them off from there. If that doesn’t work, holler again and somebody that really knows stuff will help you. Good luck!

so far as I know, woot doesn’t send texts. There are several companies that do, like the one woot talked about here: Wootsi apps, or whatever. But not through woot. Which means you have to contact the third party agency to make them stop.

Try emailing
If they aren’t the right people, maybe they will know who are.

Just in time.

Me TOO!! Help!!!

When I registered as a new user, I wanted daily Woot texts. But I get 20 others as well. Now I cannot find the page to edit/alter/stop them! You would think its under ‘My Account’ … HELLLLPPPPP!

Woot does not send texts. You have signed up for some third party application that sends you texts about woot. As no one here knows what app you signed up for, no one can help you. When you remember/find out what app you enabled to send you texts, then someone here will be able to tell you how to stop it. But!!! Woot does NOT send texts.

another just came in… they are all from this address: guess I just answered my own problem :stuck_out_tongue:

so you are telling me this is a 3rd party site? NOT part of How the heck did it pop up when I was registering then???

They are, indeed, a third party site. They do post on our forums regularly and you may have seen them directly below a(n official) Wootbot post.

All in all, they seem pretty cool, but we don’t have any control over them, or their texts. We also don’t share account information, in case you were curious.