Help the fatty catty

I would just like to show some appreciation for Woot! bags. My tubby kitty loves them. He is rather hard on them though. We let him play in them when we get a new one, but I haven’t got a barrel of cats in a long time. Is there a way to get more of them? Gandalf the Gray and White would be ever grateful. Oddly enough, he loves to be carried in them.
Here are some pictures of his chunky booty enjoying the play time for you Wooters viewing pleasure:
96614632_662230111002683_2693949349435539456_n 96679597_557936218174041_9152751792277159936_n 96757798_953528925081760_5697099583557992448_n 96787905_987699078325440_1477874418075041792_n 96836113_1511619635665708_4650364664239095808_n 96939184_2891619800923908_6035925039528804352_n 97021219_291405935197021_1083354265751126016_n 97042506_271165680721236_3821329873239015424_n 97090269_2724444424493032_1168840620500844544_n

97636638_612786579322127_535247143779172352_n 97725359_660578941466454_5627502928471261184_n 97970723_171995624182702_1206674721123336192_n 98101241_289726175529707_5330493012101300224_n 98111986_2536437036609958_5209640251663843328_n


Oh what a pretty baby! Sorry for the lack of craps, Gandalf. We’ve been given the ok for a woot-off here soon though!