Help with a CA wine country tour!

Sorry for the repost, I mistakenly posted the other in the wrong place…

Hi fellow wine.wooters, .

I’m looking for a little friendly advice! I’m going to be in San Francisco with my wife (and no kids!)on September 6th and 7th, and I’m looking for some sort of wine country tour to go on while we are there!

Can anyone recommend a tour company, or package deal, or whatever?

I’d skip the organized tour and put together your own tour.

I’ve gone many times, and I’ll usually pick out two wineries a day I really want to visit and then stop at maybe one or two more that I see nearby that seem interesting.

There are enough wineries in the area that have offered up on Woot, you could probably put together a Woot wine only itinerary.

Thanks, I’ll look into that. I was on the fence about getting a rental car in San Fran, but if we decide to do it on our own, I’ll probably go ahead and get one.

Some of the big hotels have rental car facilities in them, so you can just rent a car and head up for the day, then head back when everything shuts down at 4:30pm.

If you want a full fledged winery tour of a big production facility, I recommend the one at Mondavi. You can call in advance to schedule it.