Help with a design!

Taking advice from a previous submission, I’ll ask for some help here. I’ve tried submitting this design to Woot and they turned it down.
I, personally, think it’s pretty cool and Princess Bride fans would love it. The premise of the design is that Inigo Montoya’s father had the wooden sign made before his life was taken by the Six Fingered Man (Count Rugen).

Does anyone have some constructive criticism or collaborative suggestions for me that would make this design more desirable?

Their decisions are rather arbitrary. Save your design for a derby in the future in which it fits the theme.
I would suggest that sword smiths do not care about dispatching justice, but rather making a living creating weapons. Also, I think Inigo was rather little, so I don’t know whether or not he would be a part of the sign.
Now, Inigo becoming a sword smith after Princess Bride would be more likely. He had to have a career after his vengeance was satisfied.

He says he was 11 when his father was killed. I was just thinking that by then his father would have hopes of his son joining the business and have him as an apprentice fairly soon by that age. I could be wrong. I have another version where I removed the justice part with “Perfect for” then listed the sword techniques talked about during the swordfight. I put that in because another source told me I didn’t make enough references to the movie in the design.

Right. Swords techniques would also not be in the repertoire of a typical smith. IMHO. He learned all these skills in order to avenge his father. If he or his father would have known these skills, they may have been able to better defend themselves against Mr Six Fingers.

I’ve done similar in my own right, so I’m not try to disparage. Usually, the chosen designs are not like the typical derby winners. They are something a little different.

No worries. I appreciate the input!

I’d also stay away from white. Maybe a brown shirt and you could bring in some woodcut effects using the base color?