Help with a missing shipment please!

I know it says these aren’t customer service forums, but my emails to Woot have not been answered in over a week. I ordered a $300 gaming chair that was supposed to arrive on 06/14, but it wasn’t even shipped until 06/14. It was supposed to be delivered on 06/18, the tracking number shows it was received at the local delivery center the morning of 06/18… and that’s the last update. It’s now 06/21, and it still hasn’t been delivered. I can’t call Woot, and they aren’t responding to my emails. I need some help and I have no idea how to get it short of a chargeback at this point, which I would rather not do if I can help it.

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Did you try calling UPS if that’s the carrier?

Woot will respond in 24-48 hours, but you’ll want to check your spam folders and add to your contacts.

I’ll leave a note for staff so they can check at their end.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

Carrier is “Amazon Logistics.” The tracking number doesn’t even come up on a Google search, only through Woot.

And I’ve checked every folder, including spam - no response to my email. It was sent on 06/15, after they missed their original estimated delivery date, so it’s been way over 24-48 hours.

I don’t think there is a way to track the Amazon logistics numbers. I’ve left a note for Woot staff. They’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

Possibility unrelated, but my mailman told me they only received half their expected deliveries today. Maybe there’s a back-up somewhere affecting your chair too.

Just to add something that might be relevant if the package shipment involves ground shipment of any kind in the southern US. I just had a shipment change from delivery Saturday, now delayed. The change happened sometime in the 5 hour span between 10 this morning and 3 this afternoon. I’m in Florida, don’t know if it’s weather related or not, but anything being ground shipped through certain parts of the southern US might be affected.

P.S. I only know this because it is can be tracked via UPS.

They just sent me an email saying my package is delayed, but it doesn’t explain anything. The package was scanned as in my local delivery center at 6am on the 18th. Was it not scanned? Was that not true? If it was true, then why isn’t it delivered yet?

Hi there - just talked with our CS rep - it looks like the package was lost in transit. I’ve asked our team to send a replacement, you should receive updated tracking once it ships.


Please just cancel order number 84xxxxxx. The missed dates, the lack of email responses, the lack of explanation, I’m really just surprised by all of this.

[MOD: removed order number]

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