Help with Email!

Hello! Ever since I linked my Amazon account to my Woot I’ve been unable to update my email address in Woot. Can someone help me???

You should be able to login in using the Login with Woot button and change it. If that doesn’t work, contact CS and tell them what you’ve tried. They should escalate it for you.

If that doesn’t work, private message me here on the forums. Click on my name and then Message.

I did try that. It won’t recognize my old email with password at all because I’ve linked the Amazon account and I don’t use that email anymore. :frowning:

Also I tried contacting customer service but everything defaults to my old email that I don’t use anymore. :frowning: Also I tried to personal message you but the system won’t let me. :frowning:

Hi there. I sent you a private message. Look for the dark green circle by your avatar here on the forums.