Help with Soyo cigar drive!!


I bought one of those small 20 gig Soyo drives several months ago on a Woot off and I use it all the time. I’ve got a TON of digital pictures of my kids on it and I just put several gigs of video on it about a week ago. Then last night it was sitting on the nightstand next to my bed and my three year old was kind enough to clean it for me (sigh), so he stuck it in a glass of water, where it sat for a few minutes until I rescued it. I’m absolutely SICK about it! I shook all the water out that I could and I let it sit overnight. I tried to plug it in this morning and the blue lights go on to tell me that I have power, and I get the little noise that windows makes to tell me that something has connected, but then is just sits for a minute and I get the noise telling me that it has disconected. The blue lights stay on, so I know that there is still power, but it just won’t connect to my computer anymore.

My question is, am I totally screwed?? Is there any chance that I will ever get it to work again and is there anything I can do? I’ve got all sorts of important files on it that I really don’t want to lose. I’m not that tech savvy when it comes to hardware like this, so I’m pretty lost. I would love your advice!


:shy: if you stood any chance of saving it, i think you would’ve needed to let it sit for several days to be on the safe side… i fried a motherboard after it was doused from a pipe breaking and flooding a building because i didn’t wait long enough… i’m not sure that it will make any difference now, but i’d say try letting it sit a few more days… have you tried contacting Soyo (can you even contact them, or is this one of those companies for whom no contact is possible?)… if waiting doesn’t work and the company has no recommendations, a data recovery firm might be able to pull the data off the disk, but you’d have to decide how much those files are worth to you, because the recovery probably won’t be cheap… i know we always hear it but never do it, but for priceless files like those, it’s best to keep them in several places because something will probably happen to one or more of them…


Best Buy has a dept. that performs this service. Fry’s also has a service dept.
Don’t know what they charge, might be worth a call.