So, I’ve lost my amazon linked account. This was my first account and i use paypal for checkout. ‘Jthebird’ is linked to my amazon account used for prime. Now when i log in through amazon, this account pops up. Is this related to the new forums? FWIW, the same email is used for both…so, help?

Well that’s weird. What happens if you logout of the forums.woot site and then login again with the amazon login? (not through the main site)
Since forum users are created upon first accessing, I can see how it might have used the email on account and made an assumption to which userID to create it under. Which userID currently shows on main woot?

You could try changing your email on the woot side and then clicking the Community link again. See if you can really break something…

unsure. i tried logging in to see what i ordered that i got a delivery notification for. I didn’t know the forums were updated until after. another weird item, i ordered a shirt earlier today using prime login, which is listed on this accounts orders. However, in my payment preferences, paypal is still listed first. Sooooo, i got no clue what is happening.

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Ok, so both accounts are here. Somehow woot has changed my Amazon account affiliation from one to the other. @ThunderThighs can you help?

And why was the other post hidden as spam? the message I got said that the community members felt that I was trying to sell something? I find that funny more than annoying. I know there are bugs to be worked out however I am annoyed that somehow my Amazon account affiliation was and that is what I want to get to the bottom of

For what it’s worth, I got my account suspended after my very first post / response…
It only took them a little while to un-ground me though.

@jthebird1977 Sent you a private message.