Can you send youtube videos to peoples emails?

Just the links i think

um… yes, theoretically. have you tried googling for ways to do it?

see thats the thing. my mom thinks all i do is play games on my computer (i do play games but only when i have the time) so she made it so i could only use “school apropriate” websites. I really want this song so i was wondering if there was a way i could get the song emailed to me since thats the only other website i have access to, the only reason i brought up youtube is because the videos cool.

oh, are you trying to get one of us to email it to you? i can’t help you there, youtube is blocked here. i thought you were talking about “you” in the sense of “is it possible to do this”

no haha i need the song! is there any other way? its foreign so i cant buy it, i need an internet idea

you (meaning anyone) can buy anything. what is the song?

mint royal: singing in the rain remix

i suppose amazon is blocked? is it this one?

idk it wont let me see it.

look it up on youtube.

where do you live? or are you at school?


if nobody else will help you, i mite try youtube sometime tonite.

thanks bro, what kinda job do you have?

cant say. sorry im just paranoid.

So Woot is a “school appropriate” website, but places like or or are not?

Does Mom know you hang around Woot with people like Jessica Alba (you were talking to her above) or Todd Palin or one of those Ruttledge boys? She’d have a fit and lock you in the closet for sure. Shhh … we won’t tell her if you don’t.

Then again, are you sure Mom doesn’t Woot? Are you sure one of these folks isn’t secretly her? Maybe you’re already in trouble. Bummer.


ha, it’s dajson!

haha thanks guys, and sorry your stressed out or whatever no1. and how come nobody wants to make a story!

i can’t figure out if we’re supposed to add a single sentence to your story or is each sentence supposed to be its own story