HELPFUL: Woot! Posting Guide (updated 3/31/2012)

Want to know how to put images in your posts? Look here!
Want to know how to add a link to your posts? Look here!
etc, etc, etc.

Click here to download the PDF: Woot! Posting Guide

Once there, click on this button to view/download the guide:

Update History
03/21/07: Guide Rev. 1 Uploaded.

03/24/07: Formatting Text (changed desc), Creating Links (added links to posts)Added: Signatures, Imageshack

03/25/07: Correction to ImageShack appendix

04/01/07: Updated Photobucket Appendix to reflect new interface. Removed quotes from URL section.

11/18/2007: Updated the Adding a Picture to Your Post section to include the resizing feature.

1/7/2009: Moved to MediaFire for storage.

3/31/2012: Removed image hosting, quotes, bulleted lists. Added YouTube Videos. New document uploaded; document link is new.

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