Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass, 3-Pack

Sorry WMU. :frowning: Be sure to contact CS. A photo would be great to help us figure out what happened.

TT, in a nutshell, the air pillow packing was deflated, so even with the box labelled FRAGILE, they crumbled. Even if it was inflated, not sure there was enough padding.

Hope you’re well, TT.

Thanks WMU! Looks like these were shipped from an Amazon Warehouse. I’ll pass on the info to see what we can do.

Bought 2 sets of 3 of these. Tightening these is painful and it feels like they are going to strip. I had high hopes for these but don’t see them lasting.

Worse, the packaging was crap. Inside a sealed box that says “Sold in a set” were the three boxes with no protection of packing material. Two of the magnifying glasses I got were cracked and broken. Not broken out of the frame, the broken nonetheless. Some were totally disassembled in pieces thrown into the box. I used one of them as a model to put the rest together.

I’m very sorry for the problem. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

Thanks for the response, TT, but returning them would be entirely too much of a hassle since they are relatively heavy and I need them. I’m using the good ones.

Please do go ahead and contact our CS. We need to track issues like this. You don’t have to return them. Just let them know.