Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass, 3-Pack

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Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass, 3-Pack
Price: $8.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Jun 13 to Tuesday, Jun 14) + transit
Condition: New


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$3 at Harbor Freight. Exact same thing.

[MOD: That’s each. We’re selling a 3 pack]

Bought these, not much good.

That’s for just one.
This deal is for 3 of them.

I already have a couple of them & find them hands for so many things. Soldering, fixing jewelry, etc…

Plenty of Reviews over at Amazon
Note Price Reduction!

I have a couple of these and they are incredibly useful when you need a third or forth hand.

That being said, I do not recall ever needing 8 hands at once (my two and the 6 provided here). So, I will pass. But, if you have friends that could use this, you could increase your cred by using one and giving two away!

Bought these last time offered. 1 was broke outta the box. Pain in the butt to put together. Loosen easily.(not a good thing)

If I ever was able to order a “bag o’ crap” I’d be afraid this is what I’d get.

I bought two sets last time. The packaging is horrible. All these metal pieces are just thrown into a thin cardboard box. My three boxes were wrapped in shrinkwrap if I remember correctly.

If one of them was not assembled, I would have threw them way trying to figure out how to put them together. The tightening thumb pieces don’t hold well and are so small that tightening them is difficult and painful. I used pliers. Gently of course.

Two of the magnifying glasses arrived broken. My guess is that the lack of packaging materials contributed heavily to that.

Once assembled, it’s nice to have but any time you use it and move any of the attached parts even a tiny bit, they get very loose and you have to continually tighten them. Several times, I moved the magnifying glass just a touch and it would come loose and fall forward or back.

The link takes me to the 2x magnifier rather than SE MZ101B 4x, but the reviews are generally the same in that the parts come loose rapidly with use, and it comes unassembled with all the parts rattling around in the box.

I’m looking for something I can use in the kitchen to read the suddenly tiny directions on boxes and cans. (And when did the eyes of needles begin shrinking?!)
I’m thinking maybe a bit of judiciously applied Loctite might solve the loose parts issues.

I use these for soldering, especially for building and repairing audio cables. A little Loctite blue on the fasteners and some medium grit sandpaper on the balls and mounting holes improves functionality.

I’ve already got one or two of these, probably from Radio Shack or an electronics surplus place. They are very useful, but the construction is pretty borderline.

While following the above Amazon link I found this:

Far more expensive, yes. But it also looks far more useful, and I didn’t even know it existed until a couple of minutes ago. Lighted, two level magnification, gator clips, a vice, soldering iron holder, tip cleaner holder and good reviews. I think I’m buying one. Thanks for triggering my search!

Huh, you can get it in red too:

And then there’s four hands: Apparently the flex arms can lock. This is intriguing!

Another variant:

Here’s something cheaper, but still looks better than the basic model:

And a well rated board vise, if you’re doing circuit board work:

This may have been an expensive woot for me to click on!

Nice tips, thanks!

Whatever it is, I think it’s contagious!

Depending on what you’re trying to do:
General purpose magnification: Handheld, lighted, sliding cover that’s also the lightswitch. I use it almost daily.
Lighted head magnifier with 3 lenses. Used several times a week. Very good, and amazingly cheap. Though the battery contacts are sometimes iffy. Very good for reading those moronically tiny Windows key stickers. (More proof that Microsoft actually hates their customers!)
Not used often, but indispensable when needed. Lighted tweezers, excellent for splinters, etc. The tweezer tips are sharp enough you can dig in if needed.

I bought one of these years ago, having many uses for one. It sits gathering dust, unused because was unstable and kept tipping over. The base needs to be wider. Either that or a suction base, like my craft vise.

Except for Harbor Freight all out of pocket is $9 whereas I have to pay $5 extra for shipping for a total of $14 from Woot plus wait an extra couple of weeks to get them. :-P. Then again, I’m just spoiled for being within 20 mins of 3 different HF stores.

Cheaper at Harbor Freight by $2 plus there’s no shipping. This is not a deal!

NVD just realized this is a 3 pack…